Foggy Memories has been a concept one Bahamian Entrepreneur had been thinking about for quite some time.   “I was passionate about it, but I was also overwhelmed!   Where would I sell the product; from my home or would I need to open a physical store front?   Don’t even get me started on how to put together a business plan.  It was really, really daunting, but I was determined to get started,” confides Foggy Memories owner Kaii.

Browsing Facebook one day, Kaii saw an advertisement for M.Y. INK and decided to get in touch.  A simple message and conference call later and Foggy Memories went from a long awaited dream, to a reality.   “We combined our efforts and designed a business plan, product profit breakdown, marketing plan and most importantly solutions from a digital standpoint on how to sell the product without big overheads or me running the shop from my home.”  says Kaii.

Senior Account Manager, of M.Y. INK Selina Archer explains, “We gave Foggy Memories a Digital Storefront with a Shopify platform completely designed by Kaii (who has never done webdesign) and with input from ourselves.  M.Y. INK then set about creating the Facebook & Instagram pages and the challenging task of building followers for an Online Head Shop in a very restricted space, as well as for a very controversial market.”

Foggy Memories sells Head Shop related items like Hookahs, Vape Pens & uniquely designed Bongs.  All customers must be 18 or older to purchase from Foggy Memories and products are clearly marked for intended tobacco with the Surgeon General’s mandated warnings outlined.

Meeting the market challenges, the Facebook & Instagram following is growing despite the restrictions on advertising tobacco and related products.   Neither social channel allow any form of paid advertisement.   The changing algorithms of Facebook have also led to more creative thinking.  Foggy Memories & M.Y. INK have defined creative strategies to combat this  through brand advocacy, targeted posts, listings and other guerrilla marketing tactics.

“We are growing slowly but we are also hitting the right targets as we see our sales channels responding positively.    The website hasn’t even been launched (final tests are being completed this week) and we are already seeing the stock deplete.  There is much more to be done, but we are confident we will continue to see growth in both social platforms and Foggy Memories’ bottom line,” said Archer.

Concludes Kaii, “Foggy Memories has started with the help of M.Y. INK and with the plans in place it’s only going to expand.   By the end of the year, we are looking to invest in hand-crafted Hookah’s for the tourism market and to feature at appropriate events as well as offer rental products to event companies.   We are also looking at expanding to the Family Island market so there is a lot to be excited about.”

Contact Foggy Memories:

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Contact M.Y. INK

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